We pair high definition projectors with professional USA made cinema screens to ensure your guests receive the true cinema experience. Movie viewers will see vivid colors and a great picture whether they sit up close, far away, in the center, or off to the side. Since our equipment supports rear projection, your audience has even more room to spread out and enjoy the show.



The show is further enhanced with our high fidelity audio systems. We only use top of line brand name audio systems from QSC, Electro-Voice, and JBL. Professional sound reinforcement is provided for all events including small, medium, large, or concert scale thunderous outdoor sound. 



We are a small company operated by its owners. A superior quality product, high customer attentiveness, free consulation, and professionalism are why nearly all of our customers are repeat customers. We provide free pre/post show music to keep your event top notch from beginning and end, along with a microphone for announcements.

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